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     The ways a PC can enhance your digital entertainment experiences and productivity are evolving faster than ever. Doing the things you want to do with your PC, from playing the latest games to editing photos and home videos, has never been easier.

     Although a computer can last longer, technology advances so quickly and software demands new technology so strongly that after three years, your new computer is outdated. What should you do? Should you sell it? Should you upgrade it? Should you buy a new one?

Hardware: Before you upgrade your PC Hardware, it's best to search all options and ask for advice. If your system is old, the cost of upgrading your computer, compared against the price of a new system and the performance of a new system could be more expensive. Only after comparing the two different options, you can make your final decision on buying a new component or system.

Software: When should you upgrade your software? As with everything else, the answer is "according to your needs." Do you need the new features the software offers? Does the new version fix the bugs that annoyed you? If so, buy it.

     It's also useful to check if you really need an upgrade. Your computer's performance can be affected if it canít handle the demands of todayís cutting-edge software and games. Here are some examples of why you should upgrade your computer.

  • Your PC seems to run more slowly than it did in the past, especially when carrying out entertainment or productivity activities;

  • Your PC lacks the components you need to take advantage of the newest online and wireless technologies;

  • Your current systemís storage capacity is insufficient for the digital media you want to buy;

  • Your PC does not allow for advanced multimedia activities or multitasking; and

  • Your current system does not allow you to extend your digital entertainment to other devices or PC systems around your home.


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