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     Pre manufactured computers are currently available in any number of retail outlets, many not specifically related to the computer industry. These solutions have been designed as a generic system to meet an incredibly wide variety of needs. These systems seem very attractive because of price, but very quickly fall short of meeting the users long term needs. Whether you are a home or business user, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for an affordable computer.

     The Creative Doodlers can help you design a complete computer system that is customized for your needs. As a result, you as a customer receive a computer that was built specifically for you, instead of a mass marketed computer that is built for anyone who buys it.

     We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all custom built systems, and systems are covered by a 1-year Parts Warranty on every component, against failure and manufacturer defects.

     Computer Systems can be simplified into three different categories and they are described as follows:

1. Entry Level - This type of system generally is classified as an All-in-One system where the Video, Audio, and LAN components are physically part of the motherboard. In our systems however, all of these components would be capable of being upgraded as your needs change. This system would appeal to users of email, on line games, and periodic Internet browsing.

2. Workstation - This type of system would appeal to users attending post secondary institutions and business people running a home based business. It would include all general requirements as well as an DVDRW drive for backups, a higher quality video card, and the ability to utilize more sophisticated peripherals like scanners, photo printers, digital cameras, etc.

3. Professional - Some users require a high end solution due to the detail of the work performed, like AutoCAD, Graphic Design, Audio Visual Marketing, etc. Another user of this type of system is the dedicated Gamer where all the components must be cutting edge. State of the Art Audio/Video, Flat Screen displays, Surround Sound, DVDRW drives, lots of RAM and Processing power.


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