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     Most people think computers, being electronic devices, don't require any mechanical maintenance, but this is not so. Many computer faults are caused by components overheating due to poor airflow in the computer case because of a buildup of dirt and dust over time. People often do not realize the amount debris that accumulates on the inside as a result of the computer's fans. The problem is that excessive amounts of this cause the parts of the computer to over heat which reduces the performance of the system and damages components.

     It seems just about everything in the air is bad for your computer. Dust and dirt can clog ventilation ports and form insulating layers on chips that can lead to overheating, which can damage or destroy chips and cards. The electromagnetic energy inside the Central Processing Unit (CPU) acts as a magnet and literally attracts 20% more dust and dirt into the environment than would normally be found there. A dirty and overheated computer does not run efficiently and will eventually cause data loss, system failures and component damage. Fortunately, an internal cleaning of the system can easily solve and prevent this problem.

     An internal cleaning of your computer is important to preserve the life of its components. The Creative Doodlers has specialized tools for cleaning internal PC components to avoid possible damage from dirty and overheated computers. Our primary goal is to prevent the failure of computers before it actually occurs...



Computer Cleaning is a Preventive Maintenance Service!

We charge $24.99 for a complete internal cleaning of a desktop computer and

we can perform computer cleaning(s) on-site for an additional Mileage Fee.


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