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     Deploying and maintaining systems is complex and knowledge intensive. Rapidly changing hardware, software and network technologies require highly skilled personnel committed to life-long training. Our Support organization is staffed with highly motivated, trained professionals dedicated to providing quality support as quickly as possible, and we ensure that our technical staff are up-to-date on the latest technologies. We will provide timely, reliable, and cost-efficient assistance to our clients. We at The Creative Doodlers  provide a wide range of support services for computer hardware and software related issues. We will help our clients solve specific technical problems through one of the following types of services we offer:

   Phone Support

  • We offer local and long-distance support to all our clients over the telephone. With this service, our clients must become our eyes and ears. We will work with you through your technical issues and you will be able to see how and where to fix the problem(s).

  • Our support staff is trained in different technical aspects of the computer world. Therefore, if the tech you are talking to requires to consult with another staff member, we will call you back with the answer(s) you require as quickly as possible.

   E-mail Support

  • This service is the same as the phone support we provide, except that we correspond by email. A technician will respond to your inquiries within 24hrs.

   On-Site Support

  • This service is offered only to our local clients. We charge between $5.00 - $40.00 for mileage, depending on location and $50.00 per hour. Our friendly professional will show you where the problem lies, how to fix it and prevent it from becoming a problem in the future or at least you will know how to repair the problem in the future if it becomes an issue again.

  • If the service is going to take more than an hour or more technical equipment is needed to repair the computer, then the technician will bring it back to the workshop for repairs. The client also has the option to make an appointment to come to the shop and see the repairs being carried out.

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