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WHO WE ARE:  Derrick is a self taught Computer Technician with a total of 15 years of experience. Currently, Derrick has acquired a PC Support Technician Diploma and is A+, Network+ and Security+ Certified. Erin majored in Business and went on to earn a diploma in Office Administration.

HOW WE BECAME THE CREATIVE DOODLERS:  Derrick agreed to help out a few of our friends to understand the “Computer World”. Helping those friends led to helping their co-workers.  Those co-works told their family and friends; and before Derrick even realized it, he had become the “GO TO GUY” in the computer circle. If you wanted to know how to run a program, needed your computer fixed, reformatted, upgraded or even if you were interested in buying a new computer but weren’t sure what to buy, Derrick was your guy. By word of mouth Derrick earned a reputation for being honest, reliable and as a man who knew his trade well. It was at that time we realized, we could actually run a home base business.

That is how The Creative Doodlers was born!

VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT:  Our vision for the future is to continue our business, The Creative Doodlers, in Rivers. When a client calls who is having technical difficulties, we will send one of our technicians out to the customer's home. If our technicians are able to fix the problem during the house visit, then the client is able to see first hand what the problem was and our tech will be able to explain to them why it happened. The client then has the opportunity to see how it was fix and learn how to prevent it from happening again. However, if the technicians have to bring the computer back to our shop, the client can then make an appointment to come to our shop and observe the work being done on their system. We believe that if we allow our clients to have an inside view at how we do business; then not only will it give them a sense of trust for the business that we do, but we believe that they will walk away with computer knowledge that they will be able to use in the future. We want to make our clients feel as though their money was well spent. Our motto is...

“Professional Computer Service With A Personal Touch”

OUR GOALS:  Our goal is to become your number one supplier by supplying courteous and prompt service, with quality products and competitive pricing. Your patronage is appreciated and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you. Our staff is highly trained to provide you with all the information you need to make a good buying decision, the support you need for a great computing experience, and the quality computer you are looking for at affordable prices. Our wide range of products and services gives you the ability to do "one stop shopping" at The Creative Doodlers.

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